Banking Solutions

Compliance Solutions

  • Anti-Money Laundering – en.SafeWatch Filtering and Profiling
  • Fraud Prevention Tool – en.SafeWatch Payment Guard

Resilience Solutions

  • SWIFT Reporting FIN/XML – en.TDR
  • SWIFT Duplicate Detection – en.Duplicate Detection
  • Disaster Recovery – en.Recovery

IT & Cyber Security Solutions

  • 2-Factor Authentication
    • Based on RADIUS protocol
    • Integration with Alliance Gateway, Access & Entry
  • SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP)
    • CSP Gap Analysis
    • CSP Audit Reports & Recommendations
    • Incident Response Plan
    • Vulnerability Test
  • Integration Solutions
    • Axway Decision Insight (ADI)
      • Detect Abnormal Activity in Real Time
      • Identify Unusual Volumes, Patterns & Failures
      • Rapidly Understanding Impact and Learn from it
      • Rapidly Review and Understand What is Happening Now
    • B2Bi Integration (B2Bi)
      • Comprehensive and Secure B2B Connectivity
      • Enable and Manage Your Entire Community Quickly and Easily
      • Integrate Your Business Application with Mapping and Orchestration Capabilities
      • React in Real Time to Incidents and Non-Events, and Anticipate Business Impacts

Financial Message Management

  • Reconciliation / Matching Solutions
    Reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments including, cash, general ledger, bank accounts, securities transactions, custodians holdings, funds, treasury, foreign exchange, money markets and precious metals. With flexibility and generic capabilities provide a comprehensive automatic matching rate for both internal and external data sources in any format